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I joined Schlumberger in 2003 as a fresh petrophysicist in Data & Consulting Services segment, which is the group of petro-technical experts (PTE) for advanced formation evaluation for reservoir characterization.

Presently I am working in a technical multi-disciplinary team as Senior Petrophysicist and leading a team of six petrophysicists. I have gained expertise especially in Sonic and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) interpretation over the past years apart from conventional open-hole and cased-hole well-log based formation evaluation using various petrophysical measurements.

I started my technical career in Petrophysics with basic and conventional well-log interpretation. Soon I was involved in various sonic related advanced petrophysical analysis and interpretation. Then I was involved in one of the most complicated well-logging interpretation; - NMR. Gradually I developed my expertise in basic as well as the most recent NMR interpretation, which is the leading technology in NMR petrophysics

Apart from Sonic and NMR I was also involved in other petrophysical interpretations like spectroscopy and resistivity based modelling. With time I also gained expertise in both open-hole and cased-hole logging related petrophysical interpretations.

Additionally I was involved in a few geo-mechanical projects including a study for stress determination using my cased-hole sonic interpretation results as an input to frac-design in a multi-disciplinary integrated project for production enhancement by oriented fracturing in Gandhar Field, India (Ref. SPE -113573).  


Presently I involve in detailed subsurface formation evaluation using different petrophysical well-logs and integration with geological, geophysical, reservoir engineering and production data for better understanding and smart exploration of hydrocarbon reservoirs in addition with production enhancement and completion optimization.